17 - 19. August 2017 / Borre, Horten in Vestfold Norway

Midgard – In the park of Borre, where the mighty rulers of the Norwegian Vikings lived, feasted, and were laid to rest. We invite you to a three day blot with blasting metal and true Vikings at historic grounds. Some of the world’s leading metal bands will enter the Midgardsblot stage and you are all summoned to the world of the Vikings with exceptional concerts in unique and historical surroundings!

Beerfestival with craftbeer and tastings - Viking village and market - Festival camp at the beaches of Borre Park – live like a Viking! - Vikingbattles and ancient Norse games - Guided tours, exhibitions, lectures and activities for the whole family!

Free age limit at the festival area.
Under 16 years - only admission with parents.
Free entry for children under 12 years old
20 years limit in the Gildehall

Camping: 18 year age limit. Under 18 y/o only allowed access with parents.