This is the application form for Midgardsblot Metal Festival 2018.

Accreditation is now closed...

Please write a short description explaining why you are applying, if lacking your application will be rejected. Press, companies or other enterprises that wish to apply, please do so collectively so that you have only one contact person. The contact person for press can apply for up to four accreditations at once, festival guests up to three, and partners up to eleven. Please note that all registered names might not be approved.

There are photo restrictions on the festival area, of which you will be informed, that all photographers must follow. If you got a press accreditation a previous year we ask you to attach a link to a published article/review/report.

Further information will follow when application is approved.

Please remember to white-list the domain on your email account to make sure that you receive updates on your application. And/or bookmark the URL you will receive on the end of the application, where you can follow the progress.