Musical Bridges Through Cultural Entrepreneurship is about cultural exchange between Romania and Norway and is a collaboration between the Norwegian festivals Inferno and Midgardsblot, and the Romanian festival ARTmania.

The purpose of this bilateral collaboration is to exchange information, knowledge and culture in order to learn from each other and develop and improve the three festivals. Through a year of cultural exchange, they aim to learn from each other and further develop their festivals.

During the project year, several professional industry players from both countries will visit the three festivals and participate in seminars and networking sessions. In addition, Romanian bands will perform at the Norwegian festivals and the band Norwegian bands performed at ARTmania.


The Deep Sound of Maramures is a transdisciplinary musical and anthropological project in which they transpose 200-year-old ancient sounds, instruments, and rhythms from the rich cultural area of Maramures into contemporary electro-acoustic music. They have performed several shows at international music festivals and a series of their personal live stream concepts on multiple broadcast platforms in over 25 countries on 4 continents. Their currently running project The Deep Sound of Spaceis focused on the use of sound, music and visual through different applications in augmented reality and on the other hand, electronic and fusion live music performances involving cutting edge technology and innovative art. The complex use of sounds from space in their playlist, and a huge project on mapping the galaxies on earth, are a few highlights of their present activity.

Join us in the Gildehall on Wednesday at 19:45 - 20:15 as we explore the infinite possibilities of sound, music, and art with "The Deep Sound of Maramures"! ✨️🌙