Hail The Norsemen of Einherjer on their return to our Blot with a blasting and exclusive 30 year anniversary show - “Midgardsblot holds a very special place in our heathen hearts. Its unique atmosphere, the blend of metal music and Viking culture, it's a festival like no other. It is an honour to be able to experience and contribute to that atmosphere. 2023 marks the 30th anniversary for Einherjer and this time we will dive into our discography and serve singles, deep cuts, epics and beyond”

Hailing from the early Norwegian black metal scene, EINHERJER created their own genre of Norse heavy metal, a genre that has been a huge influence and soundtrack to our Blot from the very beginning, being one of the first bands playing our Blot back in 2015. Known for their hard, melodious sound and epic stage performances we can’t wait for Einherjer to set the Blot mosh-pit on Fire!!

Einherjer 30th anniversary in Gildehallen -Saturday 19th august

Einherjer invites you all to our Gildehall for an intimate and exclusive 30th anniversary show. They play our mainstage on Friday 18th and do an intimate concert with a unique set that is rarely played live in our Gildehall on Saturday 19th featuring live painting by Costin Chioreanu.

"In order to spice up the 30 years anniversary of Einherjer, their exclusive Gildehallen show will be live illustrated through the process of live painting by their long term visual collaborator Costin Chioreanu. You will be able to witness an unique experience, enhanced by the simultaneous expression of live music and live art creation. The painting process will be presented as a projected video backdrop during the show. The exclusive painting result out of this live creation process, will be available for sale after the performance is over. Specializing in Graphic Design, with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at the National University of Arts, in Bucharest, Costin started his graphic studio in 2003, under the name of TWILIGHT 13 MEDIA. Since then, he has been covering all types of expression regarding music illustration, from covers, posters, merchandise design to filmed or animated videos, live DVD’s, or full concert screenings. Some of his more renowned collaborators are Ghost, Hypocrisy, Carcass, Ulver, Opeth, Arch Enemy, My Dying Bride, Enslaved, Darkthrone, Napalm Death, Arcturus, Mayhem, Katatonia and many others. From albums and single covers, to merchandise designs, tour and concert exclusive art posters, animation movies and filmed videos, the ever effervescent collaboration between Norwegian Viking legends Einherjer and Costin Chioreanu has always pushed the boundaries of visual representation of various Norse Mythology characters and myths, expanding the Norse visual heritage to a new dimensions of expression, created by passion, inner voice, expertise, documentation and inventive imagination. To celebrate 10 years of collaboration, the artist prepared an exclusive exhibition for Midgardsblot festival, formed by 10 exclusive pieces, showing a brand new and unexpected dimension of the best visual elements created for Einherjer during all this time. "