Enslaved is Breaking new ground again and returns to our Blot with their new album “Heimdal” ⚔️

They will raid our stage with a totally new and blasting stage production, taking the live experience beyond🤘

Prepare for a hell of a ride!

Heimdal is named after the most mysterious entity in Nordic mythology, the gatekeeper between the nine Norse realms, the god that announces the dawn with his horn.

“I would say that Heimdal is an album that points towards new beginnings..(..). You don’t know what’s on the other side, but you go there. Of course, you have to go into the darkness, that’s all metal and good, but the consequence is that you have to go into the dawn and see what the new day brings.” Ivar Bjørnson says. Heimdal is reflection of paths travelled, a promise of a new beginning, and a rite of passage between the two.