Folket is about sharing.

It is about togetherness, unity and healing.

Mainly with drums and voices, a raw and primitive, shamanic approach and view of life, Folket have captured audiences of all ages, regardless of religious beliefs, social status, sexual preferanse and all other aspects of artificial separation.


Our opening ritual is built upon the elements of a Viking Age blot, using wooden statues representing the ancient gods and goddesses and sacrificial animal blood. But just as everyone is welcome at Midgardsblot, the Blot Ceremony is non-religious—it is as deeply personal as it is communal, and you are welcome to participate in any way you feel inspired to, calling upon any gods or other beings you are connected to, or simply strengthening your connection with other humans and nature.

Our Blot Ceremony is an opportunity to set your intentions for the future, ask for blessings, give thanks, make or renew a commitment, and build community with your fellow Bloters. It is where we all come together, from all over the world and with all kinds of life experiences, to strengthen our community bonds and remind ourselves that we are all part of something much greater than ourselves.


A nighthall at the blot is and should be something special.
Folket have a great and unique line up for this evening.
If you like it raw and primal, make sure to be there.