Are you ready for a folk music party of new dimensions?

The folk rock band Gangar is a ball of energy you won't soon forget!

In combination with everything from Rockabilly to Djentrock, traditional folk tunes are dressed in a new "rock" outfit, for a young and energetic musical expression.

Inspired by bands such as Hoven Droven, Shining, AC/DC and Meshuggah, they make traditional Norwegian folk music more accessible to a general audience, without making any compromises on traditional music.

The melodies are researched by musical director Mattias Thedens in old records and archive recordings, and then they are co-arranged together, which allows the band members' different musical backgrounds from jazz, funk, pop, soul and metal to add the extra powder that takes the party to a new level . With Mattia's long experience in folk music and dance, the band's breadth of genres, and a sparkling live show, Gangar delivers a musical package of high quality, which is guaranteed to get all the audience dancing.

We cant wait to dance our feet sore to this energetic bunch at Midgardsblot 2023!