It is very easy to tout a band's eclecticism in our modern era of musical mash-ups and globe-spanning Zoom collaborations. But Swedish folk-rockers Garmarna have been turning traditional ideas on their head long before it was fashionable. Over the last 30 years, they been stirring in a rich blend of influences that create their unique sonic blend. For their efforts, they have won a Swedish Grammy award, gained the respect and collaboration of esteemed musicians in their homeland, and cultivated an international following.

”Sometimes we’ve thought the audience will hate the new stuff, all jungle beats or house or pop or whatever,” he says. ”The audience is a mix of metal heads, folk enthusiasts, hipsters, and just casual music lovers of all ages. Along the way, they have seemed to like what we do! We know that a lot of people wished the return album 6 would have been a bit more traditional, but then a lot of people also praised it for being 'so much Garmarna' in the sense that it took an unexpected turn somewhere new.”