Songleikr is a project based on a deep love for Nordic folk and folklore music and many years of playing, jamming and enjoying traditional tunes around the campfire at historical events and festivals throughout the world since 1996.

The name consists of two words from old Norse; Songr means song or singing, leikr means game, sport or contest. Thus in their interpretation, Songleikr means jam session or “playing” as in the core meaning of the word.

In 2016, the founding members Christopher Juul, Ingrid Falch and Maria Franz collected a handful of their favorite folk tunes, both traditional and self-composed, and recorded their debut album "Godtfolk". As of 2024 Songleikr are working on their second album which will be named “Fuglefolk”.

Songleikr very exclusively play live, their performance on this year’s Midgardsblot is the only one planned for 2024 and therefore a unique opportunity to experience the group perform. The listeners can expect a special set with both tunes from “Godtfolk”, and a taste of what to come from their second release. The songs will be performed by the trio and their guest musicians specially invited for the occasion.

The constellation for Midgardsblot 2024 will be: Ingrid Falch and Maria Franz on vocals, Christopher Juul on strings and percussion, Harald Juul on strings and Nicolas Schipper on percussion.