Start by the Tower and ends by the Bonfires in Utgard, our festival camp!

In Midgard, in the world of men, Folket Bortafor Nordavinden invites YOU – the people of Midgardsblot – as their special guests; Bring your Voices, Horns and Drums and join in the chant of our Ragnarok!

As surely as all things have a beginning, so too do they have an end. As surely as the first living being was created from the icy chill of Nivlheim and had the flames of life stoked by the heat of Muspelheim at the dawn of time; these two primordial powers will also bring an end to the world as it is known. Ragnarok is marked by a series of events culminating in an immense battle where many of the great gods and beasts will be slain. However – Ragnarok is not the end of all things for the ancient words speak of a time of renewal where great deeds live on in memory and song.

We cannot speak for the world, but our festival will come to an end with our Ragnarok closing ceremony; As the cycle of this year’s festival is closing, the new begins - We celebrate the end of Midgardsblot, saying goodbye to this year’s festival and celebrate the rebirth of the Midgardsblot to come – Join us!