2021 Nordic Council Music Prize winner Eivør is an artist finely attuned to nature. Born and raised in Syðrugøta, a tiny community on one of the Faroe Islands, Eivør grew up surrounded by a harsh, windswept landscape by the North Atlantic, a rugged backdrop that has deeply influenced her music.

Her latest record, Segl, builds on these motifs, exploring the journeys we undertake as humans, both metaphorically and physically. The title—meaning ‘sail’ in Faroese—alludes to our desire for growth and direction and the role that fate plays in both. As Eivør says, “you have to hoist your own sail, but you cannot control the wind.”

The landscape of her homeland and the wild elements that shaped it—the storms, the winds, the ocean—can be heard and felt in her unique blend of electronic music with Faroese folk singing, powerful vocals, and shamanic drumming.