In 2022, a powerful ritual awaits you as we all return home to Midgard, together with Heilung, after two long Plague years. Heilung is more than music and more than a performance; it is a ritual, a ceremony, a memory from a distant time — healing. Heilung reconnects us with our deepest roots, our nature as human beings, and reminds us of our relationship with all that lives. Midgardsblot rises again and we summon you all to Blot — Join us!

Heilung describe their genre as “amplified history from early medieval northern Europe,” created with unique sounds using ancient drums, percussion, voices, spears, shields, and human bones — speaking directly to our deepest core. Heilung reach far back in time to the Northern European iron age and Viking period to create their sound experience.

Heilung’s ritual at Midgardsblot 2017 was their second-ever live performance and a major breakthrough for this unique band. Founding member Christopher Juul said about performing in Borre: “We wanted to respect the people who are there alive, but also the people under the hill. This is very sacred ground; it’s an enormously important place in history. So when we stood on the stage at Midgardsblot, it became something even more.”