Hindarfjäll is a Scandinavian/Nordic folk music project from Sweden that uses modern instruments to re-create an ancient sound and atmosphere.

Hindarfjäll was formed in the beginning of 2015 by Nils A. Edström. The theme and music explores the roots of Norse traditions, beliefs and mythology. Hindarfjäll is known for combining modern tools and instruments with a dark and powerful Scandinavian folk sound. With a focus on harmonies and atmosphere inspired by the Swedish landscapes the music delivers a mystical and unique experience.

The band signed with Grimfrost Records 2020 and released their debut album “Från Tidernas Begynnelse” in November of the same year. Eight months later, Hindarfjäll released the single “Þat Mælti Mín Móðir” (My Mother Told Me) featuring no less than Peter Franzén himself who portrayed King Harald Finehair in the TV- series “Vikings.” Now, Hindarfjäll just released their second studio album called “Lärads Grenar,” which includes three guest appereances: Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth, Erik Grawsiö from Månegarm and Peter Franzén from the TV-series “Vikings.”