Kalandra is an alternative Nordic band spearheaded by four Norwegian/Swedish musicians (Jogeir Daae Mæland, Katrine Stenbekk, Florian Döderlein Winter and Oskar Johnsen Rydh) weaving ethereal melodies into raw and eerie musical landscapes. 

Kalandra has previously supported other Nordic acts such as Gåte, Seigmen, Wardruna and Eivør. Their beautiful cover of Wardruna’s ‘Helvegen’ has amassed over four million views on YouTube. They also composed two pieces of soundtrack for the HBO Nordic series “Beforeigners.”

In 2020, Kalandra released their debut album “The Line.” Now, Kalandra are excited to present their newest album release, “Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands Soundtrack (Extended),” from the official video game for which the band composed the entire score.  Enchanting and captivating in equal measure, Kalandra have shown that they’re not only brilliant songwriters but masterful composers as well.

(Text adapted from Tom Fordham)