"Uncompromising, with their backs to the world and a fierce grin!"

Koldbrann has been at the forefront of the Norwegian Black Metal underground since the band was formed in 2001.

Led by Mannevond's characteristic, strict vocals and Kvass' cunning Norwegian lyrics, Koldbrann has delivered the real goods from day one. With obscure and unique riffs, free from all trends and plagues. From the raw and cold debut "Nekrotisk Inkvisition" (2003) to the varied and distinctive "Vertigo" (2013). Now a new chapter in the band's history is at hand!

Koldbrann has been a notorious live band since the beginning and has toured in Europe countless times, with bands such as Marduk, Taake, and Shining.

In anticipation of a new album, which the band is currently working on, Koldbrann will visit Midgardsblot for a rare occasion, premiering new material in Norway!

Expect a relentless display of pitch-dark disharmony!