We are excited to welcome Konvent to the Blot!

The all-female Danish blackened death doom outfit Konvent will bring their brutal, heavy sound to Midgardsblot, sure to start a mosh pit and capture the audience with their explosive live show and unique sound that has taken the doom and heavy metal scenes by storm!

Rikke Emilie List’s guttural, sublime growls and fierce screams perfectly integrate with a heavy-as-hell wall of blackened death and funeral doom metal riffs from guitarist Sara Helena Nørregaard, backed by a thick, profound rhythm section provided by bassist Heidi Withington Brink and drummer Julie Simonsen.

Undoubtedly inspired by recent dark times, the ongoing pandemic and cancellation of live performances, the new album, "Call Down The Sun" (2022), sees the Copenhagen-based band even angrier, more fast-paced, heavy, and pitch-black, and will make for an amazing live set

Join us in the pit for Konvent!