Lucifer’s Child is an unholy creation of George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ, ex-Chaostar) and Stathis Ridis (Nightfall) based in Athens, Greece, formed in 2013.

The band’s music serves a spiritual introduction to the atmospheric world of Black Metal. Pulsating the energy of ritualistic lyrics and the horrifying electrism of black music, Lucifer’s Child create a unity between the sound and the spiritual idea that each creation serves to the listeners.  

Their first album, entitled “The Wiccan” was recorded in Athens, Greece and released in 2015. In November 2018, “The Order” was released, which marked the beginning of a new majestic era for Lucifer’s Child. The new album lifted the band up to the surface of the Black Metal scene by gaining the respect of the audiences. The album has been nominated and elected as best album of 2018 by major magazines.

Just this year, in March 2022, the band released a brand new split EP along with Mystifier (Brazil) via Agonia Records.

Join us when Lucifer's Child bring their black metal ritual to Midgardsblot!