The duo (Sebastian Togstad (18) og Vegard Anthonsen (18)) formed at the start of the COVID- 19 pandemic in the small town of Orkanger. Nagirčalmmiid plays doom metal with inspiration from death metal, post-rock, sami culture and lyrical themes such as inner and outer struggles and sami mythology. With this goal in mind, Nagirčalmmiid was able to reach everywhere from smaller local stages, all the way to the By:larm festival in 2021 and Club Inferno in 2022 with only an EP and a single under their belt.

The duo shows no sign of slowing down and will take the opportunity to even go toe-to-toe with more established bands in terms of the stage show, promising to deliver an impressive show at Midgardsblot that will take the audience through sludgy riffs, traditional sami joik, noise, and the occasional blastbeat.