It all started with Wardruna, founder of the ever-growing Dark Viking Folk genre, igniting the flame so many years ago — the flame that inspired us to create Midgardsblot. In 2022, the mighty Wardruna will return and join us on the most special day: Blot Day!

After battling the Plague for two years, the Plague Warriors will come together for an extra special Blot Ceremony, where we will reignite the fire and bring our community together once again.

Wardruna’s musical gift to the world transcends space and time with its vast range of emotion, rich musical landscape, and historical origins. With whispering voices, melodic song, mighty choirs, historical instruments, and lyrics imbued with magic, Wardruna’s unique and innovative style continues to set them apart. Their new album, Kvitravn, just released in January of this year, centers on Northern sorcery, nature and animism, the wisdom of ancient myths, and Norse spirituality.

We are elated, honored, and proud to welcome Wardruna back to our blot at the Viking grave mounds – Join us!