Fólkvangr er inn níundi,
en þar Freyja ræðr
sessa kostum í sal;
hálfan val
hún kýss hverjan dag,
en hálfan Óðinn á.

Opening hours 14:00-22:00🏹
Fólkvangr was the goddess Freyja's domain, where half of those that died in combat went upon death, while the other half went to Odin in Valhalla. Freyja got first pick, and favoured the more honourable and less bloodthirsty warriors. In Midgardsblot's Fólkvangr you’ll experience the atmosphere of the Viking age, meet up with our Vikings and learn about trade.

And of course, there is no viking village without merchants so here you’ll also find handcrafted Viking souvenirs, clothing and jewelry.


The Vikings of Borre Vikinglag will bring you 1200 years back in time and you'll get a taste of how life was in the Park of Borre when our forefathers lived here. Here you will experience daily life and crafts, forging of tools and how the vikings used them, wooden handicrafts and naalebinding. There will also be plant dyeing of yarn and cooking of historical food.

Borre Vikinglag is a living history society that promotes Viking era history, and handcrafts from the Viking period in northern Scandinavia. Borre Viking group are one of the oldest Viking societies in Norway and every second year they arrange the second biggest Viking market in Scandinavia, Borre Kaupangen, which takes place at Prestegårdstranda in Borre.