Welcome to Midgardsblot TattooCon 2017

Tattoo artist Tor Ola Svennevig from Ihuda Tattoo studio are bringing with him three of the leading artists of tattooing and norse styles to Midgardsblot this year for the second Norse TattooCon! The Tattoo stands are open from 18:00 on Thirsday 14:00 on Friday and from 14:00 on Saturday. There is a limited number of sessions so please book an appointment directly with the artist beforehand.

The Norse TattooCon is held at the festival area and you'll need to buy a festivalticket or pass to enter.

Tor Ola Svennevig / Ihuda Tattoo

Tor Ola Svennevig founded Ihuda Tattoo studio (meaning "In the skin") in Fredrikstad, Norway in 2001.

Born and raised in the dark forests of eastern Norway, he got caught by the old Norwegian heritage and the traditions of tattooing from an early age. And at the age of nine he found out how to tattoo and never looked back since. He is a graduate from art school and he is also a silver and goldsmith. Tor Ola is a selfthaught tattoo artist and work both by hand and with machines, focusing more on the hand tattooing techniques the last years. Inspired by nature and the old Norse ornamental styles, Tor Ola also brings his own style into his works, carrying on the old traditions being inspired by myths and the artists before him. He will only tattoo by hand at Midgardsblot.

For contact and booking please email Tor Ola at

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen / Nidhogg Tattoo

Recently having co-founded Nidhogg Tattoo at Bryggen in Bergen, Jannicke have worked as a tattooer for more than 20 years. She specializes in norse designs, making them appear as though carved in wood or stone. Her background in black metal as a cover- and logo art designer for bands like Burzum, Satyricon, Enslaved and Immortal, still makes for a darker approach in her styles of tattooing.

For contact and booking please email Jannicke at

Sean Parry/ Sacred Knot Tattoo

Sean Parry is a Welsh artist, raised on the historically rich mountain on the North coast of Wales, the Great Orme. Sean studied art for seven years but with an interest in history from his early age, he was always drawn back into the artistic styles of the ancient Europeans. The Neolithics, celts, Saxons and Vikings, and the rich artistic expression within each of those cultural groups.

The interweaving patterns in the book for Kells to the snarling beasts adorning the Oseberg ship is what fuels his imagination and all his designs are drawn straight onto the skin and are catered to the individual. Sean Parry is doing all tattoos by hand and has one of the most individual styles in the realm of Nordic dotworkers.

For contact and booking please contact Sean at

Renathe H. Bryn / Karma Tattoo

Originally from Voss in Hordaland, Renathe started her tattoo career at Karma Tattoo in Haugesund where she still works. She does tattooing in all styles, but specialize more in photographic reproductions, portrait, realism, black and grey and custom drawn pieces.

For contact and booking please email Renathe at