Midgard Vikingsenter in Borre is a branch of the Vestfold Museums, and is located next to Northern Europe’s largest assembly of monumental grave mounds from the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age. The Centre opened in 2000 with the primary task of creating and spreading knowledge about Viking Age in the Vestfold County. 

The burial mounds in Borre constitute one of Norway’s most important national heritage sites, and it was a place of power and influence in Europe during the Viking Age.


The great Viking Hall at Borre is a unique reconstruction of a great mead hall for the Viking aristocracy. The remains of two such halls have recently been discovered just next to the Borre park, indicating that Borre was a center of power already early in the Viking Age. Based on fresh archeological theories on what these halls may have looked like, the construction took several years and cost around 25 million NOK.

The rebuilt Gildehall is where the festival area will be. The impressive Feasthall, being 33 meters in length, totally dominates the festival aera. Richly carved with period decorations it makes you feel like you have been transported back in time. The great Hall, buildt to impress and intimidate, was a place for feasts, important decision making and cultic activeties: known as Blot. The atmosphere at the plains of Gildehallen is magical with a genuine Norse feel to it which echoes the ancient times. Here is where the Midgardsblot outdoor stage will be with the Beerfestival and the Viking market surrounding it. Midgardsblot invites you to the best of the world of metal in unique and historical surroundings!


Midgardsblot welcomes everyone - including families and minors. We have made some simple rules to ensure the safety of the children and a good experience for everyone. The guardian is responsible for the safety of the minor, including that instructions from the organizer and security personnel are followed.

If you are bringing a child (under 16 years of age), you must register yourself and your child(ren)here

Children under 12:
  • All children under the age of 12 enter the festival for free.
  • All children under the age of 12 must be registered on arrival at the festival, regardless of whether you have purchased a ticket or if the child is under 12 and comes in for free.
Children up to 18 years:
  • Children over 12 must have their own festival ticket
  • All children up to the age of 16 must have a responsible guardian over 23 years
  • All children between the age of 16 and 18 do not need to be accompanied by a guardian / guardian, but must bring ID (bank card with photo, copy of passport) for registration.
Young adults over 18:
  • Bring ID papers so there is no doubt about your age.
  • If we are in doubt whether you are over 18 or 20 years old, you will not be given a wristband that gives you access to buy alcohol.
  • Remember that it is a criminal offense to give alcohol to children under the age of 18 - even if they only keep hold your drink for a moment. Violations will result in being thrown out of the festival area and getting your festival pass cut.
Guardian system:
  • Guardian must be over 23 years of age and have their own ticket.
  • The guardian cannot be responsible for more than two children at the same time.
  • Guardian cannot enjoy alcohol / drugs before or during the visit.
  • The guardian is responsible for ensuring that the child(ren) they are responisble for is not drinking or using drugs before or during the visit to the festival.
  • Violation of the above rules leads to immediate expulsion of all parties involved and loss of festival passes.
Here are some tips for a great experience for the children:
  • Remember to bring hearing protection for the children
  • Pack clothing changes(weather can change during the day)
  • Make sure the child gets enough water
  • Bring sunscreen

We recommend parents with the smallest children to consider leaving at 8pm, but should you still wish, you are welcome to stay until the last band at Valhalla are done at 00:00.


We accept cards and cash as payment at the festival area.


DSLR and professional camera and video equipment including GoPro or similar are not allowed at the festival site without a photo pass.
Press Accreditation is now closed. If you still wish to apply, contact guro@midgardsblot.no & silje@midgardsblot.no


1. Pack sensibly and dress according to conditions
2. Be environmentally conscious
3. Familiarise yourself with the area
4. Take care of your hearing
5. Show consideration and respect
6. Listen to the messages your body sends you
7. Use your sense
8. Respect the alcohol policies
9. Let someone know where you will be
10. Listen to experienced concert attendees


Check the weather before you head over to the festival so that you know if you should bring sunscreen and light clothes for a nice day, or warm clothes and a rain poncho for a rainy day. We need to see proof of age so please remember your ID! And of course, bring your festival ticket ;)


Note that this is for the festival area, for the camping area own rules apply. Click here to read more about the camping area

Professional Photo / video / audio equipment
Bottles, boxes or other hard, sharp or heavy objects
Including chains to wallets / keys
Weapons of all kinds, fireworks
Laser pens, drones
Banners, umbrellas, folding chairs
Beverages, foods
Dogs, cats and other animals
Illegal merchandise / effects
(Note! Other objects may not be allowed, please follow the guidelines given by security and common sense)



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