As one of our volunteers you will be joining a highly motivated crew full of likeminded people from all over the world. You will be able to experience the festival from behind the scenes, see your favorite artists when you're not working and contribute to the amazing atmosphere that Midgardsblot is world famous for. We encourage all of you positive and open minded people to apply!


You must be 18 years old by the time the festival starts. Some jobs (liquor sales) require a higher age limit (20 years). No previous experience is needed unless it is written in the team description, and we appreciate anyone with a positive attitude and good work ethics. We welcome volunteers from abroad with open arms, but nationals from countries outside the Schengen area must ensure they have a valid visa for travelling to and staying in Norway. We use English as our common work language.


You are responsible for your own travel booking and travel expenses. There will be shuttle buses going from the city centre to the festival area several times a day – location stops and departure times will be posted closer to the festival. We offer free camping at our volunteer camp, and you will get food and drinks during your work shifts. Please remember that you’re responsible for your own food and drinks when you’re not working. We have several water refill stations available.


You need to provide your own tent and sleeping bag. Based on the notion of «what you bring in you also bring out», we expect you to take responsibility for disposing your own trash. If you need to store valuables we have security lockers at the main Camp tent (no extra charge). Note that glass bottles, power generators, large sound systems, live animals, children under 18 years and any sort of weapons are NOT allowed to bring into the camp site/lodge area. Check in and check out-times + rules/regulations will be available closer to the festival.


In exchange for a full 3 days festival pass you have to work 2 shifts during the festival (Thurs-Fri-Sat) or at least 3 shifts before (Mon-Tue-Wed). Take the time to read about the different jobs to learn about any specific qualities we’re looking for so that you can select the right teams for you. Please check that your availability corresponds with the teams you select (different teams have different working days), and please make sure that you are in fact able to travel (i.e. vacation time scheduled, dog/catsitter booked). This will reduce the risk of extra work that occurs with any changes or cancellation after team completion. If you book your flight before having received your work schedule, you do so at your own risk, but if you plan to work 2 shifts Thurs-Sat, please know the following: We have a mandatory Info meeting/kick off-party in Horten on Wednesday afternoon, and we end the festival with a Volunteer party Saturday night.


Submit your data in our online registration form, and make sure that all the information you write is correct. You are free to choose which teams you want to work for, but for the sake of distribution you need to select at least 3 in preferred order. All teams have different work shifts throughout the day. Please note that the work shifts will be assigned based on logistics so you may be placed in a different team than what you have chosen. Remember; the more available and flexible you are, the easier it is to assign shifts for you. Use the form to tell us about your characteristics, qualifications and experience, it will increase the chances of you being given a role that suits you well.
Note: Midgardsblot is not obligated to accept everyone applying as volunteer, and we do not give seniority guarantees.


When you have sent your application you will get an email from us to the email adress you entered, confirming that your application is received. Applications will then be approved in batches, and once you’ve been accepted you have to confirm your participation using the link we email you. If you do not confirm participation, you may be removed from our list of volunteers, so please pay close attention to the deadline! Approximately 5-6 weeks prior to the festival you will be assigned to a team or role, and you will then receive your schedule containing your work shifts, get in-time, meeting point and Team Leader. Note that application approval and work shifts may follow each other shortly. A waiting list will be opened if your application is received after the teams have been completed. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact Crew Manager by email [crew@midgardsblot.no].

PS. To make sure our emails arrive, please add [crew@midgardsblot.no] to your contacts. If our emails do not arrive, please check your spamfolder. If you haven’t heard from us when you believe you should have, please send us an email.


All volunteers need to sign a contract before they receive their accreditations.
We require that you show up on time and complete your work shifts as agreed.
Alcohol and drug consumption during your shifts is not allowed.
Harassing artists and/or festival guests is not tolerated and may result in your wristband being cut.
Photographing and/or videofilming backstage areas and dressing rooms are strictly prohibited.
Sensitive information of any kind acquired through working with artists and/or promoters are not be shared with other volunteers or to the public.
Personal contact details of other volunteers are not to be exploited or misused in any way.
Crew merchandise is not be worn when you are off duty. When you have finished your shift and want to see concerts, please remove your Crew shirt and Crew pass.
If you fail to show up to your agreed shifts without notifying your Team Leader, we will require full payment for your festival pass.
Always remember that you are a representative of Midgardsblot Metal Festival when you are working. We expect you to be kind, polite and help out as best as you can.


We use email for our main communication, so please be vigilant and check your email regularly. Always reply when asked to do so. We use our Facebook-groups to share common and team-specific information before and during the fest. Approved volunteers will be invited to a 2020 Crew group, and your Team Leader will add you to a separate Team group where you’ll be briefed on the work tasks in advance. Experience shows that these groups are key to prepare you for the job in the best possible way. You will also be summoned to an info meeting in Horten on Wednesday (time and place TBA) where you’ll meet your Team Leader and team colleagues. Questions about the festival and surrounding area can be addressed in our public FB-group, search for [Midgardsblot info].



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