What is the age limit at the festival?

Kids are welcome at Midgardsblot!
Kids below the age of 12 can come to Midgardsblot in the company of an adult with a valid ticket for the festival (as long as the festival is not sold out). Youth aged 12-17 will need to buy their own ticket. Youth under the age of 16 have to be accompanied by a guardian.

To make sure everyone is safe and sound, we need you to register your kids upon arrival in our ticket-to-wristband/accreditation stand at the entrance of the festival in case you get away from each other. We need the kids first name and contact info to the kids guardian. The kid will also get a wristband with the contact info of their guardian on it.

We expect you as an adult to be sober at the festival as long as you have your kids with you.

What is the age limit to stay at the camp?

You have to be 18 years or older to stay at the camp. No exceptions.

Is it ok that there is another name on my ticket?

Yes, that is perfectly fine.

Can I buy day tickets?

You can buy day tickets for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Wednesday is only available for people with the full festival pass.

I am disabled, can I bring a companion?

If you have a disability and you got a companion with a valid companion ID they will be allowed to enter for free. However the companion needs to register with our accreditation beforehand and pick up a wristband from the accreditation at the festival upon arrival. You can only have one companion at a time unless your companion ID states otherwise.

I’ve bought tickets for multiple people, how can I give them their tickets?

Ticketmaster got a ticket transfer function which allows you to transfer tickets to another person. To read more about it go to: https://help.ticketmaster.no/hc/en-us/articles/6267011344785-Ticket-Transfer

Which tickets do I need to stay at the camp?

If you wish to stay at the camp you will need a tent ticket and a camping ticket.

The tent ticket is for the spot you put up your tent, and the camping ticket is for access to the camp. If you are two people staying in the same tent you would need 2 camping tickets and one tent ticket.

IMPORTANT: You need a festival ticket, weekend pass or day pass to stay at the camp.

Do you get a tent with the tent ticket?

No, we do not supply you with tents. This ticket is only for the spot where you put up your own tent.

What is the difference between the two camping tickets?

Camp ticket - All days: Gives you access to the camp from Monday to Sunday.
Camp ticket - 4 days: Gives you access to the camp from Wednesday to Sunday.

How do I get to the festival?

Midgardsblot takes place next to the Viking Age grave mounds in Borre, near Horten, in Vestfold County, Norway. It is right by the beach (Oslo Fjord) and near the Midgard Vikingsenter Museum.

ADDRESS: Birkelyveien 9, 3184 Borre, Norway

Traveling to the festival site is quick and easy with public transport.
More info here

Will there be parking at the festival?

Yes. More info TBA...

Will there be showers at the camp site?

Showers will be available for camping guests at Borrehallen between 10:00-14:00

Exchanging tickets to wristbands

Wednesday to Saturday: 13:00-22:00