Camp Utgard is situated at Prestegårdsstranda, a picturesque area right by the beach and a large surrounding forest. The camp area is behind the Viking grave mounds and within a short walking distance to Midgard Historical Centre and the main festival site at Gildehallen. A 10-minute walk through the park, among the Viking burial mounds, to the heart of the Midgardsblot festival area.

The campground is a great place to meet people, sit around the large bonfire we have each night by the beach, where people sing songs, share stories, and meet each other, and is also extremely safe. We have 24-hour security for the entire campground area.

Camping is only available with a Festival Pass or Weekend/Day Pass. You have to be over 18 y/o to stay at the camp site. No pets allowed.

Camp opens on Monday, the 14. at 15:00 of August and closes on Sunday, 20. August 14:00.


The camps open on Monday 14th august and the tent tickets is valid for 1 tent space in the Festival camp for all days Monday 14th to Sunday 20st August.
UTGARD CAMPING TICKET - 999,- NOK( all days )
Camping ticket for 1 person for all days Monday 14th to Sunday 20st of August. The camp ticket is only valid with a festival ticket.
UTGARD CAMPING TICKET - 666,- NOK( 4 days, 16.08.-19.08. )
Camping ticket for 1 person for 4 days, Wednesday to Sunday. The camp ticket is only valid with a festival ticket.

Example: If you are two people sharing a tent, you will need two camping tickets and one tent ticket.

You need the festival ticket/pass with your camp tickets to be allowed in to the camp. Camp Utgard is only for festival attendees.

You need to bring your own tent and camping equipment.

Max tent size is 4x4 meter.


  • 14TH OF AUGUST: 15:00-21:00
  • 15-18TH OF AUGUST: 08:00-21:00


1. Glassbottles and containers, power generators, animals, gas burners and any sort of weapons or sharp objects are NOT allowed inside the camp.

2. No tents on access roads or in front of emergency exits

3. Use the trash bin / recycle containers.

4. NO OPEN FIRE is allowed inside the Camp area. This includes all kinds of BBQs/grills, bonfires, primus and gas burners

5. A crew member will show you to a place where you can set up your tent.

6. Follow the instructions given by the festival staff/security staff.

7. The age limit for the camp is 18 years old.

8. No hammocks are allowed in camp.

9.What you bring in, you bring out. That means thrash, food containers and left-over tents! Ask our crew where to dispose of your thrash, and do not leave anything behind.


For your own comfort and safety we suggest that you bring the following items with you.

1. Warm clothes, the temprature can drop down to 8 degrees in the night

2. Swimwear

3. Rain gear and rubber boots

4. Powerbank

5. Band aid and a simple first aid kit

6. Blister Patches

7. Mosquito spray

8. Sunscreen


Quiet time in the camp is between 04 – 08

What you bring into the camp site - you bring out.

The Utgard Camp is manned by festival staff and Security 24/7, you can find people in the camp security at all times.

Misplaced bags and belongings will be taken in by staff and may be searched for safety reasons.

Phone can be charged in staff tent by the entrance, but we do not charge power banks.

Remember to have your own charging cables, we do not provide cables.

Primuses can be stored in staff tent and be used on the outside of the camp. (minimum 10 meters from camp fences)

Valuable belongings can be safely stored in staff tent.

There will be limited space to place your tents, 4x4 is the max space pr tent.

Camp is for people with camp tickets.

There is a quiet zone in the camp, please be respectful around that area.


The information tent inside the camp will be open Monday-Sunday 08:00-02:00


Bonfires and grills: There will be public bonfires down at the beach and communal grills for cooking food.

Electricity: There is no power outlets at the camp site, but a charger station for phones/pads/laptops will be at the site.

Toilets and Showers: There are toilets with running water ( these will be closed between 22-08, but other toilets are of course available ), and separate handicap Toilets at the campsite.

Showers are available: At Borrehallen, opening hours 10:00-14:00.

Address:Ynglingeveien 20, 3184 Borre

Hot food and soft drinks can be purchased at the camp! Also, the campsite offers water from various water stations


We have no caravan camp at the festival, but we recommend these local hot spots:

Dal Gjestegård - info
Horten havn - info

(Not a part of the festival camp, own charges apply.)