More info regarding festival parking is right around the corner!
The cost for parking is 166 NOK/day per car.
Payment can be made by card when you arrive.


As we have a limited number parking spots available by the festival site, we have compiled this list of parking lots in the city center, where you can easily walk to the festival shuttle.

You can read more about the festival shuttle here

All the parking locations mentioned below can be paid with the EasyPark app. This app can be downloaded on both Google Play and App Store.

Simply download the app, register and start your parking.

Read more information on the EasyPark website.

Please note that Midgardsblot has nothing to do with these parking lots, these are only listed here to give our festival goers another option.


Description Google maps Price Zone nr for app payment
(Easy park)
Max length of stay Free for HC
Horten Havn, pendlerparkering CLICK HERE 200 NOK/week, 60NOK/day 4569 None Yes
Horten Havn, campervans, Strandpromenaden CLICK HERE 200 NOK/day 4570 3 days (72 hours) No
Strandpromenaden 21-23 CLICK HERE 200 NOK/week, 60NOK/day 4560 None No
Hortenshallen p-kjeller, Strandpromenaden 29 CLICK HERE 170 NOK/week, 50 NOK/day 4566 None Yes
Horten stasjon, Rustadbrygga CLICK HERE 200 NOK/week, 60NOK/day 4574 None No
C Andersens gate 5 CLICK HERE 200NOK/week, 60NOK/day 4585 None Yes


Location Max parking time Charging zone Price (pr hour)
C. Andersens gate 5 3 hours 10152 Mon-fri 08-18 40,-
Sat 08-15 40,-
other hours 16,-
Granly skole - Borreveien 51 10154 16,-
Strandpromenaden 21-23 10039 Mon-fri 07-18/Sat 08-15.
Hour 1: 40,-
Hour 2: 40,-.
16,- per hour after that.
Other times: 16,-
Holtan ungdomsskole 10040 16,-
Indre havn sykehjem 10041 16,-
Riddervolds vei p-plass 3 hours 10233 16,-
Bjørnestien barnehage 102697 16,-
Hortenshallen - Strandpromenaden 29 10364 16,-
Fagerheim skole (NY) 3 hours 21005 16,-