Grimfrost is a webshop and global community that offers historical Viking Age products, as well as modern merch inspired by the past. In addition Grimfrost operates a record company, produces an award-winning mead, owns a longship, is in the process of building a Viking settlement, produces documentaries with scholars and makes items for museums, movies and tv-series. Midgardsblot 2022 is the first time that Grimfrost visits a festival with their merch.



The Grimfrost Hird is a global Viking Age combat organisation with 35 chapters located in Europe, North America and South America. The Hird focuses on recreating Viking Age combat as it would have been on the historical battlefields – efficient, straight forward and brutal. This is done through full contact fighting with steel weapons and codified techniques developed, tried and tested within the Hird. Everything is also tested in full contact medieval championships to verify, or to discard non-functional techniques.

Hird Holmgang bouts are based on the historical holmgang and offer the participants a chance to enter a “life and death” situation where avoiding being hit is vital. Each round is thus ended with an “incapacitating strike” that would have put an unarmored fighter down. Needless to say, the Hird fighters wear extensive protection. Those wanting to try fighting a Holmgang duel can do so with latex weapons.