NKL Vestfold is the local chapter of the national Norwegian Cooks’ Federation. NKL is a natural meeting place for trained cooks who have a passion for both food and the Norwegian food culture. The NKL mission is to strengthen and further develop the Norwegian kitchen through passionate and engaged members. NKL Vestfold will be serving food during the entire Midgardsblot festival. The menu is both locally developed and mostly sourced from within Vestfold county. The menu has its roots in the traditional Norwegian kitchen with era appropriate expression. Our cooks will work side by side with students from the restaurant and food science program from the secondary schools in Vestfold. The Vestfold Servers Guild will join NKL to give guests outstanding service and help handle orders.

“We want to promote the variety of foodstuffs available locally. Vestfold is an incredible pantry waiting to be discovered. Vestfold has world class foodstuffs that deserve our respect. We will create dishes from heart that can be enjoyed with the music on stage,” says Trond Andresen, president of NKL Vestfold.

“The menu will consist of smoked, slow roasted beef brisket and pork hocks from local farmers delivered to us by Nortura. The fish for the bacalao will be provided by the fish monger Berggren in Sandefjord. Accompanying the main courses will be barley from Holli Mills, local herbs and onions from Åsgårdstrand, honey from Borgebua in Horten, bread from With bakery, our own beer bread based on mash from Færder microbrewery and potatoes from Bjertnæs & Hoel in Nøtterøy,” adds vice president for NKL Vestfold, Alexander Larsen.

“We will also offer vegetarian dishes based on the same ingredients and we will adapt to fit the needs of those with allergies. We will be serving food until 02:00 to ensure no one leaves the concerts hungry. Midgardsblot will be remebered for the quality of food as well as the quality of music,” continues Larsen.


Until 22:00
Beef brisket from our smoker.
Grilled viking bread from With bakery with cole slaw in bear’s garlic aioli, fresh herbs from Skjærgården farms, pickled onions with carraway. Served with salt baked potatoes from Bjertnæs & Hoel
kr 179,-
Pork leg glazed with hops and honey from Borgebua
Salad of barley from Holli mills and mashed swede. Served with salted potatoes from Bjertnæs & Hoel
Kr 189,-
Bacalao With our own beer bread and bear’s garlic aioli.
Kr 190,-

From 22:00 until 02:00
Beef brisket from our smoker
Served on grilled viking bread from With bakery, cole slaw and bear’s garlic aioli
Kr 139,-
Pork leg glazed with hops and honey from Borgebua
Served with Viking bread from With bakery, bear’s garlic aioli, and a honey/hops dip
Kr 98,-
Salted potetoes fra Bjertnæs & Hoel med bear’s garlic aioli
Kr 79, -
Barley salat, pickled onions, salted potatoes, bread and bear’s garlic oil
Kr 120,-
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