Viking Skalden

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen is a multi-genre Norwegian author of 16 - soon 17 - epic novels. He is also well known for his Viking/Norse themed blog, and the unofficial holder of the Norwegian 24 hour blogpost view record. While it's true that Bull-Hansen is an author to the modern world, he prefers to be thought of within his customary role. Continuing a tradition forged centuries ago by his Viking ancestors, Bull-Hansen is a traditional Viking skald, sharing the history and mythology of Norse culture. Like the skalds of old, through his historical knowledge, vividly written novels, and lifelong connection with Norse mythology and the Norseman's way of life, Bull-Hansen conveys Viking culture - his culture - to the people of a new generation.

Due to the demand for English editions of Bull-Hansen's novels, his TYR series is now finally being translated and Midgardsblot is proud to present Bull-Hansen's Norse universe to our guests.

The TYR novels tell the story of the Norse god of war. It is the story of the enslaved boy who became Odin's most trusted warrior and rose to power as leader of the Aesir army. It is the story of a man's desperate struggle to find his wife and son in a world torn by conflict and ravaged by war.

Viking skald Bjørn will be present at Midgardsblot during the whole festival and welcomes you all to his tent for a talk about the Norse gods and the Norsemans way of life!