Smertekirken is coming back to Midgardsblot this year to perform a ritual suspension on each day of the festival in collaboration with the amazing Visobel Black and Morten the Maniac.


Vibrations and resonance are a fundamental way that we feel connection with our universe. This ritual explores vibration, resonance, dissonance, and harmony using flesh hook suspension and the fragile, transitory human vessel. We invite you to join us for the world premiere of this ritual which we have conceived for Midgardsblot.

Trigger warning: blood, live piercing, pain.


Church of Pain is a universalist religious organization, based in Norway. Founded in 2018 by June Ailin Bonsaksen and Alan Louis Belardinelli, Smertekirken utilizes pain rituals to explore our connection with the greater universe and the energy that flows around and through everything. While we use modern practice to ensure a high level of safety, our rituals are based on ancient practice and can be undertaken for spiritual growth and development, to mark a significant moment in one’s life, as a tool to gain knowledge of oneself, or for fun. Find out more and book your visit at


VISOBEL BLACK is an Australian/British composer, singer, violinist, and visual artist based in Oslo who has performed across genres from metal bands to orchestras, and collaborated frequently with Morten the Maniac. Her compositions and improvisations explore how reverb, vibration, and dissonance create space, acting like a portal between worlds. By observing this space as a ghost performer, she is investigating its effect on the body and the physical spaces they are performed in to tell the stories of lost, hidden, and silenced voices. Working at the intersections of feminism, trauma, nature, and folklore, her work merges sound, art, movement and text to write new narratives.


MORTEN THE MANIAC shouldn't be an unfamiliar name if you know the term Sideshow. With a bachelor’s degree in painful entertainment from Pain Solution, and his over 19 years in the business, The Maniac has traveled the world with his unique brand of absurd pain inflicting humor and is now Norway's only active fakir. The Maniac and Visobel Black have previously collaborated and performed at Copenhell, Orgivm Satanicvm, and Wacken, but this will be something new and different. With a love for metal festivals, sharp objects, and pain inducing rituals, this is a perfect match.