Our stages and areas all have Norse names. Now our seminar program has one too: Mimir Talks. Mimir is a symbol of knowledge, and mentioned in many Old Norse sources. Mimir owned the well of wisdom under the world tree Yggdrasil, and gained his wisdom by drinking from it every day. Odin sacrificed one of his eyes to drink from this well, and Heimdall pawned his hearing. Gjallarhorn and Odin’s eye are Mimir’s pawn. In a war between the gods, Mimir was decapitated. Odin preserved his head with herbs and spells, to be able to keep accessing Mimir’s wisdom.

How far are you willing to go to aquire desired knowledge? We made it easy for you. Keep your eyes and ears, but use them well at our daily seminars, Mimir talks.

You need the festival ticket/wristband to enter the seminars

In addition to a rich musical program, also included with the Midgardsblot Festival Pass is the seminar program—Mimir Talks—where all festival guests can learn about topics related to Viking history and culture, Nordic mythology, and even video games and comics, directly from the experts.

Each day before the bands take the stages, scholars from international universities and experts from various fields will share their knowledge with Midgardsblot visitors during Mimir Talks—named after Mimir, a symbol of knowledge mentioned in many Old Norse texts.