⚔Christina Leverkus ⚔

“The burial site at Borre: A chronology of solidarity and individualsim”

Borre was used as a burial site for almost a millenium. During this period the purpose of both the site and the burials appear to have changed several times. This presentation is based on the authors work connected to dating and analysis of Borre. Through bayasian analysis the author proposes a modified chronology and discusses the impacts of it. The large mounds are suggested to be symbols of social solidarity as opposed to monuments to reverence individual leaders.


Christina Leverkus studied archaeology at Brigham Young University in the USA, The American university of Cairo in Egypt and the univisersity of Oslo. Her master’s thesis focused on bayasian analysis and social solidarity in late Iron Age burial practices. She has since worked as a cultural heritage consultant in Holmestrand municipality and is currently employed at Midgard Viking Centre where she is in charge of the museum’s curriculum for both educational groups and the public at large.