⚔Fredrik Bjønnes ⚔

“The Gathering storm: Use and misuse of history”

Our understanding of history is often shaped by our own intentions, and not by historical facts. The same event can be viewed very different, depending on who you ask. Especially during times of conflict, history is often misused in propaganda to justify political goals. This was also the case here. During the second world war, Borre became an important site for Quisling, the Nazi collaborationist leader of Norway, and his party Nasjonal Samling. The monumental burial mounds created a link to what Quisling viewed as glorious past, a past that he wanted to recreate.

In this presentation, we will look at how the story of Borre has been used at different times, and for different purposes.


Fredrik Bjønnes works as an advisor in Vestfoldmuseene.