⚔Jim Glazzard ⚔

“Between the Hammer and the Anvil. ”

Non-ferrous metalworkers produced some of the most iconic objects of the Viking-age. Working with gold, silver, copper alloys and lead they produced everything from fine jewellery to everyday dress items. But what do we really know about these artisans? Who were they? How did they work? How did they live? How did they learn their craft? In this talk Jim will present the current state of our knowledge of these individuals, especially what we don’t know about them, and how he hopes to be able to fill in these gaps through experimental archaeology. The starting point of this project is to build a working reconstruction of a Viking-age metalworking workshop, which is already underway in York, England.


Jim Glazzard is a historical craftsman and experimental archaeologist. Co-founder of Asgard (www.asgard.scot), he has been making replicas of Viking-age objects for over 20 years. Jim is also currently a PhD researcher at the University of York, where his project, Between the Hammer and the Anvil, aims to explore the lives of the non-ferrous metalworkers of Viking-age Europe.