⚔Kim Dylla ⚔

“Costume Design in Scandinavian Metal with Kylla Custom Rock Wear ”

Kylla Custom Rock Wear has created stagewear for some of the biggest names in metal, including many famous Norwegian bands. My journey to Norway started many years ago through the world of metal, and it is through the world of metal that I now visit here often. I am a former Academic in the field of Digital Cultural Heritage, so visualizing history and the past has always featured prominently in my life. Enslaved performed at Midgardsblot 2019 in the Viking-themed stage clothes that we designed, and I traveled to Norway to see them and meet with clients from such bands as Mayhem, Einherjer, Dimmu Borgir, Gaahls Wyrd, and Satyricon to discuss concepts and do fittings. Residing in Sweden part time now, I was inspired by the carvings of the Stockholm-area Runestones in the creation of the wardrobe for Amon Amarth’s latest music video. Costume design is an important part of any stage production, but often overlooked in metal, even though the genre is highly visual. I present a unique visualization of the music I hear, as well as the individual style of each musician I work with in the canvas of leather and fabric garments. I would like to give an insight into our process , an overview of the body of work we have created, and discuss some of the Historically-inspired leather carvings and design motifs in our work with Norwegian bands.


Kim Dylla is a metal costume designer, entrepreneur, and singer hailing from Virginia, USA and Stockholm, SWE. Coming from an Academic background in Computer Science applications in Cultural Heritage, she took the leap as full time professional metalhead when she founded her clothing company Kylla Custom Rock Wear in 2012. In addition to singing in various metal bands, most notably as Vulvatron of Gwar and currently with Ireland's Cruachan, she strives to bring her metal aesthetic onto the world's biggest stages as she designs and fabricates unique custom stage wardrobes for international professional wrestlers and touring bands.