⚔Kim Hjardar ⚔

«The Battle for the Future»

The main question addressed in this lecture will be why and how was the famous sea battle fought, and what did Harald’s victory mean for the development of The Viking Age. Harald’s victory established him as a powerful high king of the western Norway, and broke the might of the sea-kings that until now controlled the lucrative trade routes from Norway to the Irish sea. This had serious repercussions for the traditional power structure in Viking Age Norway and beyond.


Kim Hjardar holds an MPhil in Nordic Viking and Medieval Culture from the University of Oslo and works as a lecturer in history at St Hallvard College. He has been involved in Viking and Medieval studies for more than twentyfive years, both as a professional and through living history re-enactment. He also the author of several books about Viking History, and was awarded the Saga prize for Vikings at War in 2012. This laecure is in part based on his book The Vikings Greatest Battles (Vikingens største slag) from 2020 and the forthcoming book Audr—Woman, War and the Viking Age. (Audr, kvinner, krig og vikingtid).