⚔Timothy Nancarrow ⚔

“Propitiation, Supplication, and Sacrifice”

This second talk I would pitch as an exploration and lead - in to the suspension ritual, exploring my personal interpretation of and engagement with Rúnatál as a modern ritual practitioner, and more broadly, the ways in which ritual practice enhances our understanding of our world, our destiny, and ourselves.

For ancient pagans in the North, the delineation between corporeal reality and that of the otherworld was not a fixed constant, and we can imagine that much of one could be seen in the other. This animistic habitus is attested across a number of sources, and supporting attestation within the material record of archaeological finds, conveying a proclivity toward ritual practice as the vehicle for communicating with the otherworld and the Gods. How then do we, in a secular world, re - connect to these ancient roots when so much of the finer details are lost to the obscurity of time, or misrepresented by sources hostile and external to pagan rites of the Pre - Christian North? It is through ritual that we learn how to traverse these thresholds, and enter the liminal spaces whereby we may attain knowledge: of the self, of the inner world, and of all that surrounds us.


Timothy Nancarrow, the Druid from Downunder, is currently engaged in PhD research exploring the virtues of ritual sacrifice in Germanic Pagan communities of the Ancient and Medieval worlds at the University of Newcastle, Australia. When not on campus, he can be found swimming with Rán, writing fantasy novels, and wrangling his boisterous chil dren somewhere near the beach . You can learn more about his writing at sagaofanaimon.wordpress.com .