⚔Extreme Vocals Workshop ⚔

Learn to Scream with Katarina Metal Vocal Coach

Learn to scream and growl in a safe way, without damaging your voice.  Try out different techniques that are used in extreme vocals, and learn what actually happens in the throat when you scream! 

You will also learn a method for making your own screams healthy, that you can use at home when you continue developing your vocals.  

Get started with building your own extreme vocals or get better at the ones you’re already doing.  

Total beginners and more experienced screamers are both welcome. 

Katarina Kjartansdatter Lembach-Beylegaard is an authorized CVT-vocal coach, specializing in rock and metal vocals. 

Her mission is helping metalheads sing, scream and growl, in a sustainable and healthy way so they can love their vocals and express themselves freely, without hurting their voice.   

Learn growling + get a head start before the workshop: metalvocalcoach.com/step1

Read about online lessons here: metalvocalcoach.com/lessons

Follow her on fb here: https://www.facebook.com/KatarinaMetalVocalCoach