Bring a valid photo-ID with you! All festival guests with a valid ID of the age of 18 or over will receive a wristband as a proof of your access to buy alcohol in the festival area. People without a valid ID will not be able to buy alcoholic beverages in the festival area. There will be separate lines for ticket holders and accreditation. Please make sure you arrive in good time before your favorite artist will go on stage in case a lot of other people have arrived at the same time as you. Camp Utgard have a strict 18 year age limit. You must bring and show a valid ID upon checkin.

The use of false credentials/fake IDs will be prosecuted, the police will be summoned and you will be denied access to the festival.

Make sure your tickets can be scanned on your phone before coming to the festival - if you have a broken screen etc, we cannot guarantee we can scan your ticket. Please bring a print of your ticket if you are not sure we will be able to scan your ticket. We do not have public wifi available at Midgardsblot, make sure your tickets are accessible on your phone before coming to the festival.

All children below the age of 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult above the age of 25. We expect you to be sober as long as you have a child below the age of 16 with you, and you need to register as a responsible adult with contact info of you and your child before entering. Children below 12 get in for free in company with an adult with a valid ticket. Children above the age of 12 need to have their own ticket. Please make sure to tend to your child in terms of providing sufficient hearing protection, clothes and food/water. We welcome children at our festival, but it is mainly an event for adults. We expect you to put the wellbeing of the children first and use common sense on when it is no longer suitable for young children to be present at Midgardsblot. Camp Utgard and Folkvangr will be able to scan your tickets if you arrive at the camps before the ticket exchange opens. All other tickets must be exchanged in the ticket exchange.

Ticket exchange & accreditation opening hours:

Wednesday August 17th: 10:00 - 23:00

Thursday August 18th: 13:00 - 23:00

Friday August 19th: 13:00 - 23:00

Saturday August 20th: 13:00 - 23:00

We are located next to the Midgard Vikingsenter museum.


Tickets available here

Access all 4 days including Wednesday 17th and Blot day Thursday 18th august. We added an extra day and The Midgardsblot festival pass is limited. There will not be any 3 days passes for sale in 2022.

Access Friday and Sataurday.

⚔DAY TICKETS - 1066,-NOK ⚔
If you cannot join us for all 4 days, now is your chance to secure a day ticket and see some of your favorite artists and the other Midgardsblot programming that day. Tickets are selling fast, and there is a limited number of day tickets for each day, so be fast!

The camps open on Monday 15th august and the tent tickets is valid for 1 tent space in the Festival camp for all days Monday 15th to Sunday 21st August. Check out time 15:00 CET. The tent ticket is only valid with a camping ticket and a festival ticket.

Camping ticket for 1 person for all days Monday 15th to Sunday 21st august. The camp ticket is only valid with a festival ticket.

The Folkvangr Vikingpass is limited to historical reenactors and Merchants that wants to attend the Viking village Folkvangr with Viking or Medieval tents and clothing. Please apply here for the Folkvangr Viking Pass.

If you exchanged your tickets from 2020 to 2021, they are all valid for 2022. Both the Midgardsblot 3 days passes from 2020 and the weekend passes are valid for all 4 days in 2022 starting from Wednesday 17th august. Camp and tent tickets are valid from Monday 15th august. You have received a confirmation mail from us on this in 2020, if you do not receive this mail please mail us at support@midgardsblot.no
If you have any questions regarding your ticketnumbers or have lost your previous ticket, contact Hoopla

⚔THE 3 YEAR BLOT PASS – VALID ALL DAYS 2022 – 2023 – 2024 ⚔
The 3 year Blot pass is valid all 4 days in 2022, and access all days for the next two years too.

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