As Midgardsblot 2022 is officially closed, all of us in the Midgardsblot team would like to thank each one of you from the bottom of our hearts. 🖤

You are the true Bloters and without you, there would be no Midgardsblot. It is what each of you bring to our gathering that makes our community stronger and so special.

The return from the pandemic and two years of cancellations was not easy, and we thank you so much for believing in Midgardsblot and making our strong return this year possible with your support—whether you were able to join us this year or supported us from afar. Our blot this year was dedicated to all of you—our global Midgardsblot community. We thank each person who came to gather with us by the ancient grave mounds this year and we hope you all left Midgardsblot with full hearts, new friendships, new insights, and many memorable experiences and stories to tell.

We especially thank all of our dedicated and hard-working volunteers in all areas! We cannot thank you enough and we could not have the same festival without your tremendous help! 🖤

We also thank all of the phenomenal artists, bands, performers, Mimir Talks speakers, workshop hosts, storytellers, tattoo artists, chefs, and everyone else who created the best experiences of Midgardsblot 2022 for all of our visitors.

Midgardsblot takes place in Midgard, a place for all human beings, no matter what nationality, cultural background, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation
Our festival and our community are neutral grounds where we welcome you all to meet, to bond and to build friendship across all borders. A place where we celebrate all our different roots and our diversity so we all can share wisdom, learn from each other and learn to accept our differences.
To do so we have a zero tolerance on politics and harassments of any kind so you must all leave that at our Gates before entering.

Welcome home 🔥🖤🤘
- Runa Luna -
Founder and Festival director