⚔Midgardsblot 2021 - Cancelled⚔

After months of uncertainty, holding on to hope that we could go ahead with our Blot, we have to face that the Plague is not retreating and the restricitons will not be lifted any time soon, making it impossible to organize this year's Midgardsblot. We are so sorry to have to cancel yet another edition but we have already started working on Midgardsblot 2022 and the dates are 17th - 20th of august
⚔All exchanged tickets for 2021 will be valid for 2022:
Since its already exchanged it will automatically be updated to 2022. We will not issue new tickets, your ticket numbers (on your PDF file) both for festival and for camping tickets from 2020 will be valid for 2022 for all exchanged tickets. If you have any questions please mail: support@midgardsblot.no, put "ticket exchange" as headline.
⚔All 3 year's Blot passes will be valid for 2022 - 2023 - 2024
The Blot pass is also automatically updated and its the ticket number on your PDF file that will give you acces to the festival, not the wristbands. If you have any questions please mail: support@midgardsblot.no, put "Blot Pass"as headline.
⚔ Ticket Refunds will be handled in November 2021: Since we had to cancel yet another year due to Covid restrictions we can not pay out refunds until we get compensation funds. Refund transfers will be handled in November 2021. Please mail support@midgardsblot.no for refund claims - put "Refund 2021"as headline.
⚔Plague Warrior T-shirt 2020 : The Plague warrior t-shirts for 2020 is exclusive for those who exchanged their tickets to 2021 and will not be in sale. If you still did not get your Plague Warrior shirt for 2020, please mail support@midgardsblot.no, put "Plague Warrior 2020"as headline.
⚔ Plague Warrior T-shirt 2021 - Limited editon for Sale: Watch out for the new edition Plague Warrior T-shirt 2021. During this summer the new 2021 editon of the Plague T-shirt will be in SALE in our merch shop - more info on that very soon 🤘

⚔Midgardsblot Merchandise⚔